What is ROAR?

  • R.O.A.R (Razorbacks Offering Accountability Resources) is a registered student organization (RSO) established Fall of 2018, and is open to all students.  It is the result of The Choices Grant awarded to the University by the NCAA through the support of the Anheuser Busch Foundation.  The University of Arkansas was one of only 15 schools in the nation to be awarded this prestigious honor!

ROAR’s Purpose: 

  • To educate, engage, and enable students to practice responsible drinking, and to improve their ability to look out for one another.  

Why Join ROAR?

  • Networking opportunities

  • Enhance Resume

  • Service hours

  • Make an impact on YOUR campus!

What do we do:

  • ROAR partners with U of A Housing, Greek, Athletics, the College of Education and Health Profession, the Walton College of Business, UAPD (campus police), and CAPS (counseling services), to promote drinking responsibly – not the abstinence of drinking. 

    • We know drinking on campus is the norm, and that it is often abused which can lead to very serious, negative consequences.  We want to create a culture around alcohol where students stay safe while having a fun and MEMORABLE college experience. 

  • We are a group of students helping students make wise choices regarding alcohol usage through several initiatives listed below. 

ROAR’s Initiatives:

  • Peer to Peer Initiatives:

    • Got Water? campaign where ROAR members hand out bottled water and snacks during IFC’s Row week as well as Freshman Move-In

    • Got Water? Tailgates at Football and Baseball games with bottled water and snacks for students

    • Mocktail event sponsored by Pepsi for students at a home basketball game

    • Looking to form partnerships with Uber, Hydrate NWA, Nutrition Hog, and other local Businesses to offer ROAR members special deals/incentives 

  • Education Initiatives: 

    • Bystander Intervention training of campus leaders and ambassadors

      • ROAR officers, Greek, International Housing, and RA’s in University Dorms

    • Partner with the Walton College of Business and conduct Walton workshops for Freshman Business Connections classes

    • Educational tours of local breweries, cideries and wineries

    • Trivia contests and other fun events around alcohol awareness (Look out for our giant RED SOLO CUP and MASCOT!)

  • RSO Awareness Initiatives: 

    • Tabling events in the fall with ROAR merchandise, games, contests, etc.. 

    • Involvement with Freshman orientation and Involvement Fair 

    • March in the University’s fall homecoming parade 

    • Greek and RA ROAR Ambassadors


ROAR Wins SOOIE Award!

ROAR recently won the Event of the Month award, for August and September, by hosting a two day workshop for new freshmen on campus!

Walton College Freshman Business Connections-ROAR Workshop” was held on August 29th and 30th in partnership with the University of Arkansas Athletics Department, the Walton College of Business, and the UofA’s Clinical and Sports Psychology team. The workshops provided students with an opportunity to learn about the consequences of excessive drinking and receive education on bystander intervention.  Over the two days, 400 freshman students attended and participated in the workshop and Q&A sessions, while also winning cool prizes. SOOIE commends the hard work the Razorbacks Offering Accountability Resources put into this event and the impact it had on students across campus.”