Meet the ROAR Executive Team

About Me!

I currently live in Springdale with my husband Craig, 17-year-old daughter Jules, two dogs (Elvis and Ruby), and two cats (Star and Louie).  We also have a son, Jacob, who is 20 and an engineering major here at the University of Arkansas.  I am a professor for the Dept. of Marketing and serve now as the faculty advisor for ROAR.  As an advisor, I want to see this new RSO make a difference on our campus and the lives of many students! I have a heart for helping students make better choices to ensure their success in their academic, professional and personal lives.  I feel passionate about ROAR because, as a college student, I didn’t always make wise choices when it came to alcohol consumption. These decisions led to some negative and serious consequences. 
Fun Fact about me: I have been stung by a sting-ray but I still think they are amazing creatures and have swam with them even after the painful incident.
Dr. Sarah Stokowski – ROAR Faculty Advisor, Assistant Professor of Health, Human Performance, and Recreation.
Emery Gower, MS, CWHC
I am currently the Director of Substance Education and Alcohol Resources at the University of Arkansas. Much of my work involves one on one interventions with students, large scale programming surrounding substance education, and teaching courses in building student resilience, so working with ROAR has been a natural collaboration. I received my Masters in Counseling here at the University of Arkansas and my background is in mental health and student affairs. I hope to assist the students of ROAR in navigating the University of Arkansas system and provide advice on effective and relatable substance education programming.